My 1958 Chevy


It all started on my 50th birthday.

That's funny right there, comparing my birthday to a funeral procession.


My family gave me a 1958 pickup for my birthday!!! At least a picture and a promise.


After much searching, one was found on eBay.


                    . . . in Lampasas, TX.


With a borrowed trailer, John and I headed south.  Braving torrential rain, hail and tornadoes we made it to central Texas.

We met the nicest lady who sells emus..

and classic autos.

A few hours and a few broken tools later, we had 'er loaded.

and set sail for Missouri.

We stopped to do some fishin' - got our limit

 and hit the road again...

Made it to Indy, and just waitin' for the restorin'.